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Tenkara Line Winder Spool Board Trace Wire Swivel Bobbin Leader Snell Rigger Kee

Tenkara Line Winder Spool Board Trace Wire Swivel Bobbin Leader Snell Rigger Kee

SKU: bc4a362b-fbe2-455a-afae-f1bc194d93b1

Compact round shaped foam fishing line bobbin spools for fishing line storage


Foam Fishing Line Spools
  • Available in 3 sizes 45mm / 1.8", 66mm / 2.6" , 69mm / 2.7" diameter fishing line storage

  • Durable EVA construction, made from floating high density foam, float on water & quickly dry

  • Spare spools for wrapping the hook link around it

  • Finger space for a secure hold while winding line

  • This line winder spool, line management tool for rod with cork or foam handle

Fishing Tippet Holder
  • Two size to select

  • Tippet stack and rigging foam combo for every Angler

  • Minimizes waste and allows for quick fly flies changes

  • Anti-tangle storage system for fishing rigs and snells

  • High density foam keeps hooks or rigs of any length in place

How to use:
  • Rig winders are a neat and tidy way to store your new and used rigs

  • Ideal for hooks and fishing line pre made course, pike, carp and sea rig storage

  • Winding fishing hook and fishing line around the foam reel after fishing can protect hook, line and fingers from getting damaged

  • A removable insert to hold the end of the line leader or hang your flie

  • Inner hole allows it to slide on your tenkara rod

  • Anglers can pre-tie flies to the leader, and place the hooks into the spool to keep secure until needed

  • You can select color from menu

  • OPP Packing






    Due to the nature of our merchandise partners we DO NOT SHIP to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands 

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