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Telescopic Tenkara Style Fishing Rod

Telescopic Tenkara Style Fishing Rod

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  • FREE TIP SET//Each pole comes with Spare Top 3 Segments for replacement.
  • 30T CARBON FIBER & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN//High quality carbon fiber with special internal reinforcing which adds strength and rigidity. Increased wall strength and joint thickness on all sections to eliminate potential stress points.Allows crappie poles to be extremely light while staying strong enough to put up a fight.
  • GOOD SENSITIVITY & CASTING SMOOTH//Casting smooth is very good.Move the fishing rod back and forth to push the line forward.Then place the flies where the fish are.The tenkara fishing rod will bend when fighting with larger fish like trout to distract pressure through the whole rod.
  • VARIOUS TYPES//Breeze series, Red-Fox series and Jin-Zhu series are medium action fishing rods; The Goldlite series is fast action, it is stiffer than the other three types. Goldlite series pole with aluminium alloy top plug and bottom screw cap.
  • PORTABLE & EASY TO USE//The special portable closed length design and Ultra-light body make it easy to carry around. They are comfortable to use and cast accurately, smoothly, and with good distance.//ATTENTION: Please clean it and keep it in a dry place after using it; The rod is suitable for stream, lake, river, reservoir and pond fishing.//

Product Description

Why are They Used For Fly Fishing?

Tenkara fishing, which was first developed in inland Japan and on trout streams is quickly gaining popularity in the West. High altitude hikers and backpackers are especially fond of the simplicity and clean aesthetic associated with tenkara, with only the tip, fly, and line being the three most essential components, stripping the sport of any excess. However, the excitement and precision tenkara offers have increased its profile among small stream anglers, as well.

GOTURE Tenkara fishing rod. The GOTURE-made product gives quality and style a new meaning in fishing. The high-performing fishing rod is quite affordable for a rod performing at the level of mid-tier rods that can catch small and medium-sized fish easily. The 2:8 rod provides for hard action, and its weight of three ounces makes for easy transportation. Made with the high-quality carbon fiber called IM graphite, the rod is not just lightweight but also strong, so you will be able to use it for a long time.

How to choose suitable Tenkara rod for you?

Tenkara fishing rods are a big part of tenkara fishing, and you need to select the fishing rod that best suits you from the vast array available in the market.You should consider Length Power Weight Handle and so on.

Best Tenkara fishing rod should have the following characteristics.

1 GOOD SENSITIVITY & CASTING SMOOTH:Lightweight design for versatile casting ability and sensitive.At the same time,casting smooth is the trait of the rod

2 30T CARBON FIBER:Made totally from carbon fiber for strength and durability,Make the rod light while strong enough, allows the rod be able to handle medium sized fish.

3 LIGHTWEIGHT & EASILY PACK UP: Goture tenkara rod folding length of the pole is about 2.48FT. This is simple to set up and pack away. It fits easily in a hiking backpack, making it ideal for trekking and traveling.

Super Polymer Handle

  1. Slip Resistant
  2. Sensitive and comfortable to grip

Super Lightweight Design

  1. Lightweight design allows for accurate, smooth casting.
  2. Allows rod to be extremely light while staying strong enough to put up a fight

Colapsing & Extending The Rod

  1. Collapsing the rod starts at the bottom of the rod,
  2. Extending the rod starts at the tip of the rod,

Alloy Top & Bottom Plug

  1. Durable aluminum alloy top plug with rubber liner to avoid breaking anti-lock design.
  2. Aluminum alloy bottom screw cap with telescopic ring and EVA gasket.


//DO NOT // Important Fish don't break fishing pole, fisher folk break fishing pole! Fishing poles are resilient, but not indestructible. Fishing poles only take a few seconds to collapse and extend, use that fact to your advantage.


//DO NOT //lay your extended rod onto the ground or into the dirt, if you need to set your rod down, collapse it first. Getting dirt and grit into the joints of your rod greatly accelerates wear and tear.


//DO NOT //use your rod to lift a fish out of the water, grab the line ahead of the fish and lift the fish out of the water.

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