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Telescopic Fishing Rod - 24 Ton Carbon Fiber,Cnc Machined Reel Seat, Comfortable

Telescopic Fishing Rod - 24 Ton Carbon Fiber,Cnc Machined Reel Seat, Comfortable

SKU: 44ae05c6-92a2-4393-a63c-a26810dc07fe
  • Fashion Appearance: The most popular color fishing rods this year?well-made of 24T carbon fiber and stainless steel hooded reel seat, possessing resistance to seawater corrosion. Stainless steel line guide ring constructed with ceramic ring enhances better heat dissipation.EVA handle is soft and comfortable to hold.
  • Lightweight: Easy and convenient to fit in car trunk, boat hatch or your backpack, enjoy fishing whenever and wherever.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for freshwater fishing e.g. bass and trout, saltwater surf fishing or inshore fishing. A really nice gift and collection for fishing enthusiasts.
  • Multiple Sizes /Multiple Color for Choice: six sizes are available-5.9ft/ 6.9ft/ 7.9ft/ 8.9ft/ 9.8ft.Blue/Green/Silver
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

Product Description

Superior quality with versatile fishing compatibility.Superior quality with versatile fishing compatibility.

Sougayilang travel spinning fishing rods telescope out and completely collapse for easy travel and storage. These travel rods have CNC machined aluminum reel seat components and three point welded stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts for complete corrosion resistance.24 ton carbon fiber and E-Glass construction can deadlift up to 10 pounds.

This fishing rod has a good length , making this pro telescopic fishing rod compact and portable. The use of carbon in the construction of the rod makes the telescopic fishing rod lightweight and durable.

Premium durability with graphite reel seats, stainless steel line guides

Sougayilang 24 ton carbon fiber and E-Glass construction can deadlift up to 10 pounds. It'S Ultralight Weight And Perfectly Balanced, Thus Less Fatigue. EXQUISITE GUIDES The Spinning Guides Is Made Of Stainless Steel For Tangle-Free Operation, Smooth Casting And Retrieving,Inserts For Use With Braided Or Mono Fishing Line And Providing Saltwater Approved Corrosion Resistant And Power Control.

The use of fiberglass also increases the life of the rod and makes it good for salty waters.

Stainless steel guides come with ceramic interests, which add to the best telescopic fishing rod’s durability and water resistance.

The handle is made of EVA material, making it durable, soft, and dense, soft to the hands. Besides being soft to hands, it also gives great hold over the rod.

Sougayilang telescopic spinning fishing rods are for saltwater or freshwater fishing, will cover many species, and look great with any Sougayilang fishing reels. Sougayilang telescoping travel fishing rods are especially great for backpackers and campers. The comfortable EVA handle can reduce the fatigue of fishing for one day.

New Pro Telescopic Fishing Rods are built in the name of convenience. These rods are easier to use than traditional fishing rods. These Telescopic Fishing Rods are easy to carry and good to use.

Before buying the best Telescopic Fishing Rod, there are a lot of factors to be considered to buy the perfect length of the rod.

If you are a person who loves to travel, you can go for a fishing rod with more sections so that you can easily carry it.

This is among the best portable fishing rods and is very lightweight and easy to carry . Being telescopic and lightweight at the same time makes the fishing rod travel-friendly.

The telescopic fishing rod is very portable and the best choice for traveling. You can put it in your backpack, put it in the trunk of your car, put it in your suitcase, bring it on the plane, or even put it in your pocket. It can be done. It solves the trouble that you want to fish during the trip, but the rod is too long to carry. If you want to travel recently, then buy this rod home as soon as possible. I believe this telescopic fishing rod will definitely bring you an unprecedented beautiful experience.

Fishing is really a very beautiful thing. It can not only exercise your body and increase your body's muscle content, but also enrich your spiritual world and help you deal with family relationships well. On a sunny weekend, you Take your wife and children to go fishing by the water. When you catch a big fish together, this will bring your whole family a beautiful and deep memory.

In the leisurely days, you and your friends will go out fishing together. This telescopic fishing rod has three different colors and five sizes for you to choose. The colors are the most fashionable and young colors today, and the EVA handle is also on your palm. Very friendly, the ceramic guide ring greatly reduces the wear on the fishing line, and the fishing rod is also very hard and durable.

1-How should I maintain A Telescopic Fishing Rod?

The cleaning method of the telescopic fishing rod is not as different from a traditional fishing rod.

Rinse the rod in the water and clean it entirely. Dry the telescopic fishing rod, and then put it in your bag.

If you have been using the rod in salty water, it is better to use a rust cleaner after washing it.

2-Can you catch a heavy fish with a telescopic fishing rod?

Catching a heavy fish depends upon what kind of telescopic rod a person is using. If the person uses a thick rod with fewer sections, it is good to catch a heavy fish. Do not catch a heavy fish with thin rods or break it into pieces.

3-What is the most premium telescopic fishing rod?

Sougayilang is one of the best telescopic rods. Anglers can use this premium telescopic fishing rod in all environments, such as cool water, fresh water, and salty. It resists power wastage and is easy to carry as well.


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