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Roxstar Fly Fishing Shop | Proudly Hand Tied in the USA | Midge & Scud Trout Fly

Roxstar Fly Fishing Shop | Proudly Hand Tied in the USA | Midge & Scud Trout Fly

SKU: 5ce04361-8218-4055-b693-6fb47208c8e7

Welcome to the RoxStar Fishing Fly Shop! RoxStar Fishing was created by true anglers who share your passion for fishing and the outdoors. Our team of expert anglers has decades of experience fishing all around the world. We take pride in every product, utilizing the highest quality materials and a hand-made touch to guarantee you catch fish. This Midge & Scud 36 Pack of fly fishing flies has been proven for trout fishing all over the world. Whether you're a new fly angler or a pro, these classics remain the top patterns to have stocked in your fly box for fishing all year long. This assortment is comprised of the best 36 trout flies to fish anywhere in the world all season long, with each pattern proving universally effective in catching fish. These premium-quality hand-tied flies are perfect fly fishing gifts for any angler. Our Midge & Scud Assortment includes 36 flies: Red Zebra Midge, Black Zebra Midge, Miracle Midge, Mercury Midge, Rootbeer Midge, Manhattan Midge, Rojo Midge, Rainbow Warrior, Disco Midge, Morgan's Midge, Jujubee, Hot Spot Scud, Olive Glass, All Natural Scud, Peppermint Scud, Stillwater Scud, Real Lime, Pearl Shrimp, Brown Scud, Amber Scud, Scaled Scud, Translucent, Holographic Midge, Antonio's Quill Midge Dry, Larva, RS2, Blood, TOP SECRET, Smoke Jumper. Welcome to our shop, and happy fishing!

  • ✔️A VARIETY YOU CAN COUNT ON: This kit includes only the best and proven trout flies. Fly Patterns that will catch more fish. These wet flies can be fished in slow, fast or still waters all year round. Use them to catch trout, bass, salmon, panfish, and more freshwater fish. Proven flies that work: Each pattern we sell has been tested and proven to catch more fish.
  • ✔️PROFESSIONALLY PICKED ASSORTMENT: The most complete, well-thought-out Trout Fly Fishing package on the market with the RoxStar touch of Quality. Meticulously selected and thoroughly tested by fly fishing experts worldwide. We've designed this trout fly fishing set to work on a variety of streams, lakes, and rivers as well as in different conditions, during various times of year, and among several species. You'll finally have the flies you need to out fish your buddies.
  • ✔️TRUE AMERICAN HAND-TIED FLIES: 100% hand tied right here in the states RoxStar Fly Shop offers that super quality you expect. Our flies are made from hand selected durable premium material and tightly hand-tied by professionals on premium Mustad & Daiichi fly fishing hooks.
  • ✔️MADE IN USA 110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: As fellow anglers we started this company to bring back that quality that is just so hard to find anymore. At RoxStar you can be rest assured that everything we do is with ❤️ so don't ever worry about the quality and service. We are truly committed to 110% customer satisfaction. So, If you ever have an issue, you bet we will go above and beyond to make it right!

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