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Cirrus 6.5 Ft. Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Cirrus 6.5 Ft. Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

SKU: ac89dbdc-510f-4a25-8045-99e830d928bb

Get ready for your next fishing trip with this Shakespeare cirrus 6' 6" spinning combo. It features a simple-to-set-up, user-friendly design that can be used by anglers of all experience levels. The Shakespeare spinning combo features a high-quality 6' 6" tubular glass rod that is exceptionally lightweight and flexible, so it will not break or crack when pulling in heavy prizes. It effortless casting into rivers, streams, lakes and other bodies of water.

  • Shakespeare spinning reel, 6' 6" tubular glass rod body
  • 30 size 2 ball bearing
  • This Shakespeare cirrus combo comes pre-spooled with 8-lb stern monofilament fishing line that is ultra lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable.

    Due to the nature of our merchandise partners we DO NOT SHIP to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands 

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