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Bacchus Spinning Reel, Ratio 6.2:1

Bacchus Spinning Reel, Ratio 6.2:1

SKU: cc2eefe5-badd-48f7-903e-deb351a4ad3f

Product Features

+multiple fishing method. Thick line support around deep spool, thin line around shallow
spool, One reel can handle multiple fishing methods.

+ light composite material, Lightweight turntable can reduce rotational inertia, start and stop whatever you want

+ Turntable is designed with an oblique angle support to prevent the fish line from breaking the turntable when the fish is taken up.

+ CNC metal digital rocker,Engraved from one piece of alloy,Make the fisherman feel confident


+ Spool Capacity:1500 2500 3500
+ Max Drag: 8KG/10Kg
+ Net weight (shallow): 209g/281g/291g
+ Spool weight (shallow):about 70g
+ Line Capacity(mm-M) HFC3500 shallow:
0.185/120, 0.205/100

Package weight:0.35KG
Package including:1 pcs Reel ,1pcs spool and a Carton Box





    Due to the nature of our merchandise partners we DO NOT SHIP to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands 

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