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7’6” Walleye round Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

7’6” Walleye round Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

SKU: 498b8cd7-55cf-40f5-b846-4af72af4ecda

Ugly Stik has designed this series specifically for walleye fishing. All Ugly Stik walleye combos feature Ugly Tech construction, Ugly Tuff guides, and the Ugly Stik Clear Tip design. A graphite and fiberglass construction creates a durable, yet sensitive rod for anglers.

Fishing has gotten too pretty. Unscratched sparkle barges with nuclear-powered engines. Rods that act like skittish thoroughbreds instead of unshod workhorses. Fish pictures taken for ‘likes' instead of refrigerator doors. It's time to fish the way it's meant to be done, with tough, durable tackle built to provide ten whopper fish pics for every one of some dandy holding a fancy rod and a fingerling. It's time to fish ugly.

  • UGLY STIK 7’6” WALLEYE ROUND CONVENTIONAL FISHING ROD AND REEL COMBO: A durable Ugly Stik kit specially designed for fighting and landing walleye.
  • UGLY TECH CONSTRUCTION: 2-piece, Ugly Tech construction combines graphite and fiberglass, for a strong, yet sensitive rod. Includes 7 year warranty on rod. Features on/off bait clicker and double paddle aluminum handles.
  • SIZE 20 CONVENTIONAL REEL: 2 ball bearing system for smooth operation. Features 8 Ugly Tuff stainless steel guides to provide durability and eliminate insert pop-outs during rough treatment.
  • MULTI-DISC STAR DRAG: Max drag: 15lb | 6.8kg. Graphite spool cuts down on weight while remaining strong.
  • LINE CAPACITY: Mono Capacity yd/lb: 290/14 235/17 200/20 (m/mm: 260/0.35 215/0.38 180/.042). Braid Capacity yd/lb: 280/30 230/40 195/50 (m/mm: 260/0.36 210/0.38 180/.041).
  • GEAR RATIO of 5.1:1 provides smooth operation and mechanical advantage regardless of what species you are targeting.
  • 6-12LB LINE RATING, MEDIUM LIGHT POWER: Ugly Stik Clear Tip delivers strength where you need it and is sensitive to the lightest strike.
  • ROD HANDLE MATERIAL: EVA grips with full-type rod handle balances durability and comfort. Right handle position. Rubber rod butt helps keep bracing comfortable.

    Due to the nature of our merchandise partners we DO NOT SHIP to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands 

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