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2023 New Solar Flood Light

2023 New Solar Flood Light

SKU: 99159010-06e0-46c8-b0e8-7224f300518e

2023 New Solar Light for Outdoor / Energy Power System for Home

1. 3 pcs Super Bright 3W LED bulbs

2. 6V4W solar panel for quick charge

3. 3.2 V 5500mah rechargeable sealed LiFePo4 battery

4.Wide voltage range AC 110-240V ,50/60Hz

5.Charging time 10 hours

6.DC 3 V Output (can charge upto 4 items at one time)

7.Working time : 1 LED bulb : 20 hours

2 LED bulbs : 10 hours

3 LED bulbs : 5-6 hours

8. Mobile phone charging function

9. FM Radio function

Solar panel power : 6V 4W Battery : 3.2V 5500mAH lead-acid battery

Charge time : 10 to 12hours byAC MateriaPlastic : ABS/Transparent PS

USB output : 5V output LED Bulbs : 3 pcs 3W LED bulbs

Others : Can extra added AC, mobile phone charger,Radio,extra cost
Solar reading lamp features:

1. Charged by free sunlight or Micro USB
2. 3pcs bulbs ,5-6 hours lighting time
3.Growing button-easy find in darkness
4. Can be carried, hung or placed on any place for lighting
5. Cheap and affordable, 1 time investment, long time benefits

Instruction Manual:
1. When LED bulb goes dim , please recharge.
2. When not used for long time , please charge the battery for at least 15 hours, every 3 months.
3. Please keep away from explosive and inflammable objects.
4. Charging time : 12 hours, please do not overcharge .


    Due to the nature of our merchandise partners we DO NOT SHIP to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands 

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