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(1/2WT 3/4WT 5/6WT 7/8WT) Fly Reel with Line Combo Aluminum Alloy Large Arbor Fl

(1/2WT 3/4WT 5/6WT 7/8WT) Fly Reel with Line Combo Aluminum Alloy Large Arbor Fl

SKU: fb8a1ac4-cb39-44f1-88de-08cf945d83d1
  • Higher Quality Price Ratio -- Compared to other price of fly fishing reel, our price is friendly to every consumers,particularly to the novices,It Quality Price Ratio to high,if you are a novice or want to learn fly fishing,this product is a advisable choice for you.
  • Excellent Material -- We adopted strong and durable Aluminum Alloy Construction,Which is very flexible and perfectly and has high strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Large Arbor Design -- It has Quick spool release with easy left to right hand retrieve change.And Provides fast fly line retrieval and Reducing lower line memory .
  • Teflon Disc & Aluminum Alloy Drag system -- Teflon Disc and Aluminum Alloy Drag system with One-way ball bearing engages drag in one direction,Accurate click drag and silent retrieve.
  • Fly Fishing Reel With Fly Line, Reel and Line was pre-load, No Needs To Tie The Line(Floating Line,Backing Line,Leader Were Pre-Tied, Combo Line And Reel Was Pre-load)

Product Description

Note: What products are included in each selection.

  • Silver Fly Fishing reel - silver fishing reel * 1
  • Yellow fly line combo(fly line+backing+leader) * 1


1. Screw off the metal button

2. Take out the metal ring and wire inside

3. Reverse the metal ring

4. Place the reversed metal ring into the fly reel

5. Buckle the metal wire in


WF 3/5/8 F Fly fishing line

Length : 100FT / 30M

Material : Nylon+PVC

Color :Fluo Yellow

Weight-forward taper (WF)

  • These are popular and a good choice for you if you are a beginner
  • The first 30 feet or so of line is heavier because of its tapered front end
  • The rest of the line is thinner and is known as the running line
  • The weight-forward line helps with long casts and good precision even in windy condition


Material : Braided Dacron

Length : 50Yds

Vibrant color for high visibility

  • Braided Dacron for High strength, Low stretch
  • Retains 100% of its strength while in the water
  • Low coefficient of friction minimizes wear on guides
  • Good compromise between thickness and the ability to make blind splice loops


9FT 1/4/6x Fly Leader Line

Material : Nylon

  • 9ft-long leaders are the ultimate freshwater multi-situation leaders. These leaders' longer, larger butts give you easy turnover while the unique, new composition allows these leaders to lie straighter on the water.

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