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Think about it. Just how many activities or pursuits for youngsters can you list -or even imagine-that provide every single one of these following plus factors :

- adventure


-fresh air in the great outdoors, away from an increasingly sedentary lifestyle


-fellowship and positive interaction ; an activity that you share with and experience in real time with the youth-not just viewing from a distance

-a true sense of accomplishment , that's the sport of fishing-

and a whole lot of good will and satisfaction for any individual that initiates and helps facilitate such an outing, whether it be with family , friends, youth groups, church contacts, or perhaps one of the increasing numbers of local youth that have no grandfather or involved father to hand down and foster the traditions and outdoors heritage that so many of just a generation earlier took for granted.

This great sport can be enjoyed and experienced day or night, from watercraft or not, and can be thoroughly enjoyed from ocean to lake to river, to creek to the smallest of farm ponds. It can be successfully pursued and enjoyed on the smallest of budgets. Everyone that can read this lives close by a productive fishery.

You needn't be an expert angler to organize and provide a fishing trip for the youngster or youngsters in your orbit. Sometimes the very most effective instructors are those that themselves are little more than novices and share in the learning experience as well.

Keep in mind that the younger the child, generally the shorter the attention span.These aren't individuals looking for trophies or sponsorship partnerships, they're simply looking to have fun. Try not to forget that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.Patience and encouragement are key variables. If a child the first time out has only memories that are negative of that initial excursion, they may understandably never wish to fish again, that much more susceptible to subsequently following into much less desirable and harmful pursuits .Assume at the outset, that your day with these novices is likely to involve varying degrees of spilled bait, hooks in trees, tangled lines, and perhaps even some tears of frustration. Realizing as much initially will go a long way in dealing with such incidents.

The younger the youth, the greater the need for pretty quick gratification. They just want to catch something. Be prepared to do very little actual fishing yourself.

A good fishing outfit for those under six years of age may well be the venerable old pre-rigged cane pole. A simple length of line, a bobber, and a smallish hook , # 8 or #10, tipped with a few maggots or a redworm. Those a tad older can opt for a closed-face reel with a matching light weight rod. These regularly come in inexpensive packaged combos with superheroes or cartoon-character logos. Youngsters will promptly try to throw the line out as far as possible. That's fine, until they see their little sister having better success in the shallows with her cane pole. It is to be remembered that the farther out the bobber and bait go, the deeper the bobber should be set. There is nothing sadder than viewing a youngster with his line well off shore but the bait only a foot or less deep, pretty much eliminating any chance of a bite.

Left to their own devices and little or no supervision, inexperienced young anglers soon see their outing devolve into a rock throwing contest. A steady hand of guidance and support trumps a lifetime of fishing knowledge.

Kids more into their early teens, or with more angling experience, will soon need larger fishing challenges and goals. These boys and girls are ready for their initial boat trip.If no relative or friend with a watercraft is available, parents that are able should consider a trip with a reputable local guide. I've personally witnessed what a memorable birthday gift this can be.

Those of us to whom fishing has become largely a way of life should regularly try to give back of ourselves and organize such rewarding outings with those closest to us, whether genetically or geographically.

Consider it an investment.

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