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It is truly amazing that over the last couple of decades there had been a noticeable de-emphasis in the long-time prominence in the popularity of one of the very most popular fishing tools in the history of the sport , - the venerable spinnerbait.

When fish are at all active, particularly on windier days with a noticeable " chop " on the water's surface, no other horizontal lure has ever out-produced the venerable spinnerbait -in Ohio or anywhere else. The spinnerbait is easily the easiest artificial bait to use and the fundamental favorite for novice anglers to take that next step forward in their angling progress. You just tie them on and chunk them out. They work just as well on spincast (open face ) and spinning gear as they do on your level wind bait caster. Simply match your particular spinner to the depths, conditions, and specific rig you are using at any given time. Experiment with degree of speed and colors that seem to be most productive at any given time.

Here are the four basic categories of spinnerbaits and their most appropriate applications :

SAFETY SPIN/ CONVENTIONAL ( Assassinator , Obie's )- arguably the most popular and effective largemouth bait in angling history .Relatively inexpensive , easy to use, and wonderfully versatile in all water depths. Also less likely to snag than other horizontal presentations. I like to affix a plastic trailer on back to bulk-up casting weight , add action, and be particularly effective when the retrieve is " killed " and the biat falls into various cover Some opt for the further inclusion of a trailer hook to ensure more secure hook ups.

BUZZBAIT (Lunker Lure, Obie's, Bass Pro Shops ) - non-swivel equipped surface version that entices savage strikes, particularly in lowlight conditions when expertly worked amidst shoreline cover. Takes a knack, but it's well-worth the exciting payoffs .Particularly effective on bigger fish.

IN-LINE (Panther Martin, Roostertail, Mepps )- essential ball-bearing swivel attachment provides useful extra weight for throwing the smaller lures most preferred for the panfish it is more likely intended for, except for it's extreme larger versions, which are great for northerns and muskie. The premium swivels also excel in preventing line twist and enabling stable blade action at slower speeds.

JIG-SPIN ( Road Runner, Beetle Spin )- best in 1/16 to 1/4 oz. sizes matched to light action spinning gear. Versatile lure can be either conventionally retrieved or jigged vertically through the water column. A reel sleeper for walleye...

Get out now and spend just a few dollars to initially cover the spectrum of spinnerbait angling. You younger anglers in particular will much enjoy your initially foray into lure fishing, and that special enjoyment and sense of accomplishment taking that big step forward.


Jack Kiser is the long-time Outdoors Columnist for the Record-Courier and " Midwest Outdoors " magazine , as well as Buckeye Angler TV and radio host on PBS, Ohio News Network, and Fox Sports. You may reach him at the Buckeye Angler Facebook site or the new

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