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It is now the time of the open water season when it is time to see how things at local lakes and rivers are shaking out thus far in 2022. Ohio anglers may be disappointed at some of their regular favorites and desirous of some Buckeye State alternatives. With the usual help of specie reports from statewide reporting stations, Buckeye Angler Facebook site,, and the Ohio Department of National Resources , we've assembled catch rates and results since ice-out by specie. You'll note some surprises for sure . LARGEMOUTH BASS

1. Portage Lakes 2. Mogadore Reservoir 3. LaDue Reservoir 4. Mosquito Reservoir 5. Lake Erie SMALLMOUTH BASS

1.Lake Erie 2. Cuyahoga River 3. Lake Milton 4. West Branch Reservoir 5. Berlin Reservoir BLUEGILL (includes sunfish, warmouth, redear, pumpkindeed ) 1. LaDue 2. Mosquito 3. Mogadore 4. Lake Punderson 5. Wingfoot Lake CATFISH 1. Ohio River 2. Mosquito 3. Piedmont Reservoir 4. Clendenning Reservoir 5. Lake Erie CRAPPIE

1.Mosquito 2.West Branch 3. Mogadore 4. Berlin 5. Tappan Dam MUSKIE 1. West Branch 2. Clear Fork Reservoir 3. Salt Fork Reservoir 4. Milton 5. Leesville Lake NORTHERN PIKE 1. Cuyahoga River 2. Mosquito 3. Milton

4. West Branch 5.LaDue PERCH 1.Mogadore 2. Lake Erie 3. Milton 4. Pleasant Hill 5. LaDue TROUT 1. Lake Erie 2. Mad River 3. Conneaut Creek 4. Punderson 5. Rocky River WALLEYE

1. Lake Erie 2. West Branch 3. Berlin 4. Mosquito 5. Milton. *** Jack Kiser is the host of " Buckeye Angler " and long time Outdoors Columnist for the Record-Courier and Midwest Outdoors Magazine, as well as radio and TV host for PBS, ONN, and Fox Sports. You may contact him at his Buckeye Angler Facebook site and the new .

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