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The weather uncertainties of spring are now giving way to the relative stability of not just weather, but also fish behavior ,including more predictable patterns and behaviors. All freshwater species settle in to old, reliable feeding behaviors and locations that will remain essentially predictable through fall.

I'd like to explore here four of the most reliable ,exciting, and productive fishing adventures for this time of year.


Though manner of the bigger bluegill, sunfish, pumpkinseeds, warmouth, and redears are even now vacating their shallow water/shoreline spring spawning haunts for deeper water, that should offer few problems for the savvy pan-fisherman. Remember that most bluegills live their entire lives no more than a football field or so from where they initially hatched. If you go to where they were so easily catchable just weeks ago, work your way methodically and deliberately into deeper water, " deep" being a distinctly relative term.

 During the day, vertical jigging live bait or tiny twistertails should keep you busy once you find them. As evening approaches , they'll move in towards shore to feed, prompting a more active vertical approach with poppers, small plugs, in-line spinners, and other lures that cover more water. Great fun . This is also a great way to supplement your table fare.


Few fishing adventures are more fun, or provide more fond memories than those night-time catfishing trips. Whether from boat or shore, bringing along a friend or two to share such adventures is a fundamental part of what fishing is all about. 

Bring along a couple heavy action combos , preferable of the strong fiberglass blanks, and a baitcaster loaded with 30-60 lb. braid. If you're aiming for the more culinary preferable and harder-fighting channel cats, try my long-proven method of attaching a weighty sinker -type of your choice above a swivel, so it slides on the line in a manner less likely to spook the fish.From there, run a two foot leader down to a larger floating jighead , garnished with a lively minnow or shiner. Cut the baitfish just enough to allow its scent to disperse into the water without killing it.The floating jighead reduces stress on the baitfish and allows it to better roam just off the bottom,where most catfish actually feed.


No aspect of the sport of fishing has been responsible for more magazine covers and advertising than the topwater bass bite.This undeniable fact will be no surprise to those that have experienced the excitement, joy, and adventure of such strikes. 

Lowlight conditions are best for this approach. Get as far away from your targeted area as you can reasonably reach with your cast.Try to throw past especially prime targets, so as not to spook the fish. I like to start such sessions with buzzbaits.They cover more water than others and are a good means of gauging fish activity levels . If bass are just missing or not biting these offerings at all, switch to a more stationary, subtler bait like a popper, a frog, or a jerkbait.

Keep in mind that there is a fine line between attracting fish and spooking them.Quiet is a key element in topwater angling.

Hang on !


While many true sport fishermen understandably decry walleye trolling as '' barely fishing ' and contend they feel when trolling as a kind of mechanical appendage to a rather excitement -challenged methodology, the fact is trolling is a deadly efficient means of covering large expanses of water.

Anyone near any of the Great Lakes for any period of time this summer owes it to themselves to visit and/or charter a reputable guide to try for some trophy walleyes for the table, and just the sheer fun of being out on these vast expanses of water and walleye.If you have your own boat, you may still find it relaxing to turn things over to a local pro and his amenities and equipment. 


Jack Kiser is the host of " Buckeye Angler " and long time Ohio radio and TV host, as well as veteran Outdoors Columnist for the Record-Courier and " Midwest Outdoors " magazine.You may contact him at the Buckeye Angler Facebook site, or visit the new .

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